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Judge Jules @ Club North, Manchester

Went to see Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1) play a house set at Club North in Manchester at the weekend.

It was awesome. a very energetic set…

My mate typed a message on his mobile, and showed it to Judge Jules, which consequently made him laugh.

It was something about play something to dance the robot to.

See the photos from the night

One reply on “Judge Jules @ Club North, Manchester”

“Play something you can dance the robot to”

Dzzzz Dzzzz Tzzzz.

He was lovin’ it.

Sick night.


Fine lingerie birds as well.
The short blonde with the evident fake boobs (she’s only 19!) is a tillate member (knew i’d seen her before) she works at a club called Paparazzi on thursdays as a sexy air hostess/greeter.
Everyones gotta make a dime.


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