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My First Post

So, This is my first post of my new blog…

I will be putting up photos that I have taken in the past, and various other things of which I don’t know as of yet.

I may go to Tangled in Manchester tonight (for my first time)

Sourpuss is playing in the other room (jungle, Old Skool Rave, and Breakbeat) and the Tangled residents in the main room.


3 replies on “My First Post”

Tangled was awesome. Rave on!

Well worth dragging me along to.

Lovin’ those Prodigy remixes.

Admit it though, Teasers wasn’t as bad as you thought. Even if it wasn’t your kind of music, you still had a fine time.


Yeah… It was a great nite.
Teasers wasn’t my sort of thing…

I enjoyed my first time at Tangled.
The residents seemed to play a ‘dark’ set, with not so much of the brighter / euphoric choons.

It was pretty random though, sharing a taxi on the way home.

Yeah. Liverpool girl. Hope I see that one again. That could get very interesting.

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