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I have put the first 2 of my DJ mixes online for download.

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Trance mix 1 (2006-08-03) by Rick Dawson

Trance mix 1 (2006-08-03) by Rick Dawson.mp3
[Removed from server, to make space for newer mixes. Available by request]
This is the first trance mix, which I wanted to be energetic and atmospheric at the same time.
01. Arksun – Arisen (Airbase pres. Parc Remix)
02. Sound Fiction – Sometimes (2006)
03. Solar City – Future Proof
04. Selu Vibra – Divine (Carl B Mix)
05. Bruni Bergeron Pres. – Fargo Abym (Original)
06. Airwave – Sunspot 2006 – Meets Rising Star (Original Mix)
07. Mike Shiver & Marc Damon – Water Ripples (Mike Shiver’s Introduction Mix)
08. Solarscape – Worlds Apart (vocal Mix)
09. DJ Shah meets Jan Johnson – Beautiful (Glimpse of Heaven) (long Island Dub Mix)
10. Speeseuk – Revolution
11. Gamemaster 2006 – (Dj Kristoff’s Remix)
12. Vanderkarsten – Medicine (Single Mix)
13. Urban Lea – Firefly (Terra Cotta Remix)

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The Non Trance Mix – Mixed By Rick Dawson (12-07-2006)

The Non Trance Mix – Mixed By Rick Dawson (12-07-2006)
[Removed from server, to make space for newer mixes. Available by request]
This Mix is a mix of tracks I have which are not strictly trance. It’s sort of a progressive, electro, and house mix
01. Richard Dinsdale – Pulling Me Under
02. Seyton & Dumb Dan – Buck Futter (Cryo Remix)
03. Nathan Coles & Terry Francis – Music Freak (Nathan’s Original Mix)
04. Mashtronic – Force (Schoenbrunn & pfennig remix)
05. Phatjack – Since I Found You (Mashtronic Remix)
06. John Bourke – Shimmer (Electro Funk Mix)
07. Jay Lamar – Cuboidal (Electro Mix)
08. Fonzerelli – Moonlight Party (Da Core Remix)
09. Le Reux De La Funk – Shake My body (ElectroClub Mix)
10. Tom Parris – Skills On Pills (Original Mix)
11. M&M – Always Together (Instrumental)
12. Lange vs Mike Koglin – Bermuda (M.I.D.O.R. Remix)
13. KPAXX vs Ricky Palys – Bobs Yer Uncle

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Judge Jules @ Club North, Manchester

Went to see Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1) play a house set at Club North in Manchester at the weekend.

It was awesome. a very energetic set…

My mate typed a message on his mobile, and showed it to Judge Jules, which consequently made him laugh.

It was something about play something to dance the robot to.

See the photos from the night