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Judge Jules @ Club North, Manchester

Went to see Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1) play a house set at Club North in Manchester at the weekend.

It was awesome. a very energetic set…

My mate typed a message on his mobile, and showed it to Judge Jules, which consequently made him laugh.

It was something about play something to dance the robot to.

See the photos from the night

My Blog

Lack of updates…

I have not been updating this blog recently, as I am concentrating on getting work done on the website for (My webhosting service).

If I get time to edit it, I’ll post a video of playing pool at my local pool hall (Cuicible Stockport).

I also know that I need to update other sections of this site as well, such as the links to the photo albums.

My Blog

My First Post

So, This is my first post of my new blog…

I will be putting up photos that I have taken in the past, and various other things of which I don’t know as of yet.

I may go to Tangled in Manchester tonight (for my first time)

Sourpuss is playing in the other room (jungle, Old Skool Rave, and Breakbeat) and the Tangled residents in the main room.