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I’m working out what to include in the next version of
I need a new design for it as well.

Things I can think of that I want to keep/ include/ do with the next version.

– Twitter feed
– Media Player (keep it playing, whilst navigating my site, rather than have to start again playing something)
– More easier interaction with you the readers & listeners. ie. live chat box
– Cleaner, lighter colors and a more sleek layout.
– Proper page for the downloads, rather than just the browser showing the directory from the server.

That’s all I can think of for just ten minutes brainstorming. I may come up with some other things that I want to do as time progresses.

Regarding the design, I have been looking for inspiration, and have come up with the following to show the style I like.


I would like to get some detailed icons and graphics to add that little extra somethings.


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August 1st Anniversary “Spontaneous” mix

I managed to upload the mix before I went on holiday, however I didn’t get chance to post the tracklist… until now:

Solarstone – Part Of Me (Stellar Mix)
Akira Kayosa – Transform (Original Mix)
Jorn Van Deynhoven – Fastlane
Deckjagger – Utopia
Ehren Stowers – Quarantine (Original Mix)
Activa pres. Solar Movement – Eclipse
Allan O’Marshal – Claymore (Icone Remix)
Claudia Cazacu – Lekker
Garry Heaney – Citation
Mark Andrez – Another Angel
Hope you have/will enjoy it.

Some people may have noticed my website has recently been exceeding it’s bandwidth allowance.
This was due to getting more popular after I got my June mix played on Digitally Imported (www.DI.FM)
I have now re-assessed the bandwidth usage on my website, so there should be no problems from now on.

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I’m looking for gigs to play.

I have now been dj’ing for over a year, and think I am ready to take my skills on the road.

I have had a mix played on internet radio, and since then my site has been getting to the limits of the bandwidth.

I’m looking for gigs to help pay for this and to play around my existing job.

I am available to play in the Manchester and surrounding areas.

I mainly play trance. I can play other genres as requested. Urban styles can be played although I specialise in upfront euphoric trance. (think The Thrillseekers, Above&Beyond, Armin Van Buuren etc.)

If you are interested in what you hear of my mixes, and would like to book me for an event, then please send an email to or contact me on Facebook (link at top of my site)

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“Spontaneous” June 2009 to be Broadcast on www.DI.FM as part of a new mix doubleheader

Rick Dawson – Spontaneous June 2009
( )

Phluke Nine – Trancestatic Sessions Volume 6
( )

Catch the premiere of these recorded sets on Digitally Imported’s TRANCE channel starting at 2PM US Eastern / 7PM UK / 20:00 Central European Time. Don’t miss out.