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Anyone recommend a logo designer?

I could do with a logo that I can put on this site, and also put on some t-shirts etc.
can anyone suggest anything?

What I am looking for:
Its my name that I would like as a logo, so I can put it on my website, and so that I can use it to promote my DJ’ing.
i like the style that my site is currently, so it would have to fit in with it.
I’d also like it to be usable on other media eg album/cd covers, flyers etc.
A creative use of my name (RichardDawson or RickDawson
possibly include with either.) to get my name out there.

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The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) – Tatton Park Flower Show 2007

I’ve added the photos that I took at last week when I went to the Royal Horticultural Flower Show at Tatton Park.

The Royal Horticultural Society – Tatton Park Flower Show

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Dedicated Music Computer Mod Project

I’m always listening to internet radio or music from my computer’s hdd.
I never listen to anything else, so my hi-fi is 99% useless (except for the on timer to play a cd to wake me up)

I decided to build a small dedicated music computer, that can be controlled using only a character display and some switches in the front of the case. No monitor is going to be used with this.

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Judge Jules @ Club North, Manchester

Went to see Judge Jules (BBC Radio 1) play a house set at Club North in Manchester at the weekend.

It was awesome. a very energetic set…

My mate typed a message on his mobile, and showed it to Judge Jules, which consequently made him laugh.

It was something about play something to dance the robot to.

See the photos from the night