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WordPress Worm on Loose.

due to this I will be doing an almost immediate upgrade.

my mixes will still be available from


Just to now say I have done the upgrade

😛 to the worm.


Links My Blog Software Web Design – Ideas for the next version?

I’m working out what to include in the next version of
I need a new design for it as well.

Things I can think of that I want to keep/ include/ do with the next version.

– Twitter feed
– Media Player (keep it playing, whilst navigating my site, rather than have to start again playing something)
– More easier interaction with you the readers & listeners. ie. live chat box
– Cleaner, lighter colors and a more sleek layout.
– Proper page for the downloads, rather than just the browser showing the directory from the server.

That’s all I can think of for just ten minutes brainstorming. I may come up with some other things that I want to do as time progresses.

Regarding the design, I have been looking for inspiration, and have come up with the following to show the style I like.


I would like to get some detailed icons and graphics to add that little extra somethings.


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Dedicated Music Computer Mod Project

I’m always listening to internet radio or music from my computer’s hdd.
I never listen to anything else, so my hi-fi is 99% useless (except for the on timer to play a cd to wake me up)

I decided to build a small dedicated music computer, that can be controlled using only a character display and some switches in the front of the case. No monitor is going to be used with this.