My DJ Profile

I first got into trance music from the very beginning, when It was starting to appear in the UK

I always used to listen to the local Manchester FM radio station – Key 103
Stu Alan used to play on a saturday night and sunday night.

As time went on I began discovering more trance music, and knew that this music was what I liked (although for some time I did not know the genre name “trance”).

I was hearing other peoples mixes, and thought I would like to be able to put the tracks I wanted, rather than having other peoples idea of what it should be.

I eventually downloaded the demo of Traktor DJ Studio (as it was then) I managed, with just the mouse and keyboard, cobble two tracks beatmatched.
I started assigning various controlls with the computer keyboard. I eventually thought it would probably easier to have physical controls to use with traktor.

This lead me to purchase a Behringer BCD3000.
I eventually decided I wanted more controls and to upgrade, so I then invested in an Allen & Heath XONE:4D

I’ve been DJ’ing since 2006, and have now improved so much more than I did then.

My main style of Trance, but it’s the euphoric melodic type.I do a monthly mix on my website, which has evolved into a pre-recorded radio show 2 hours long, with the best newest euphoric energetic trance.
I call the show “Spontaneous”This is what I have bought here to TranceFormers, although as it’s weekly rather than monthly, I will add the odd classic track here and there, with other ideas as well, but the style of the music in the show is very much the same style of energetic euphoric trance.

I owe a thanks to Johnathan (, as without him doing a video on this place I would have never known about TranceFormers.
I play on every Sunday 8-10pm UK time (this being the first place I have played live to other people)
I also broadcast on every Sunday 8-10pm UK time.

I also play on every wednesday 8-10pm UK time.

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