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I’m Going to see Jean Michel Jarre this Friday

It’s the 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre’s (JMJ) album Oxygene.
For this JMJ decided to to a new remastered version of the original multi-track tapes.
He also is taking all his vintage analogue synthesizers with him on a tour, and playing the whole album (parts 1-6) LIVE.

It was only initially announced that he was going to play in London at the Royal Albert Hall. This has since been extended, and I’m happy to say that he will be coming to the Manchester Opera House this Friday (28th March 2008).
I would have been too expensive to see JMJ in London, but Manchester is local to me.

The ticket is expensive being £73 including associated fees..
I don’t think the cost is that bad considering I don’t get to go out much. The money I would have spent going out every weekend, has been saved and then spent on going to see JMJ.
I just think it’s worth it for the experience.

There’s this mailing list of which i subscribe to.
I have put a few posts up to it, and from some people on this list etc, there’s going to be a fan meet before the concert.

If I can (I have added the plug-ins to allow this) I will do a live blog from the night, but will have to post photos up after (If they allow photos to be taken in the Opera House)

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