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The Non Trance Mix – Mixed By Rick Dawson (12-07-2006)

The Non Trance Mix – Mixed By Rick Dawson (12-07-2006)
[Removed from server, to make space for newer mixes. Available by request]
This Mix is a mix of tracks I have which are not strictly trance. It’s sort of a progressive, electro, and house mix
01. Richard Dinsdale – Pulling Me Under
02. Seyton & Dumb Dan – Buck Futter (Cryo Remix)
03. Nathan Coles & Terry Francis – Music Freak (Nathan’s Original Mix)
04. Mashtronic – Force (Schoenbrunn & pfennig remix)
05. Phatjack – Since I Found You (Mashtronic Remix)
06. John Bourke – Shimmer (Electro Funk Mix)
07. Jay Lamar – Cuboidal (Electro Mix)
08. Fonzerelli – Moonlight Party (Da Core Remix)
09. Le Reux De La Funk – Shake My body (ElectroClub Mix)
10. Tom Parris – Skills On Pills (Original Mix)
11. M&M – Always Together (Instrumental)
12. Lange vs Mike Koglin – Bermuda (M.I.D.O.R. Remix)
13. KPAXX vs Ricky Palys – Bobs Yer Uncle

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