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Trance mix 1 (2006-08-03) by Rick Dawson

Trance mix 1 (2006-08-03) by Rick Dawson.mp3
[Removed from server, to make space for newer mixes. Available by request]
This is the first trance mix, which I wanted to be energetic and atmospheric at the same time.
01. Arksun – Arisen (Airbase pres. Parc Remix)
02. Sound Fiction – Sometimes (2006)
03. Solar City – Future Proof
04. Selu Vibra – Divine (Carl B Mix)
05. Bruni Bergeron Pres. – Fargo Abym (Original)
06. Airwave – Sunspot 2006 – Meets Rising Star (Original Mix)
07. Mike Shiver & Marc Damon – Water Ripples (Mike Shiver’s Introduction Mix)
08. Solarscape – Worlds Apart (vocal Mix)
09. DJ Shah meets Jan Johnson – Beautiful (Glimpse of Heaven) (long Island Dub Mix)
10. Speeseuk – Revolution
11. Gamemaster 2006 – (Dj Kristoff’s Remix)
12. Vanderkarsten – Medicine (Single Mix)
13. Urban Lea – Firefly (Terra Cotta Remix)

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